Tax Preparation Service

Establish a relationship with us, so you always know where you are when it comes to your tax preparation

We don’t only worry about taxes between January and April. For us, tax season is always happening. When you stay on top of your taxes all year, it can save you a lot of money at tax time. 

  • Keep track of your tax write-offs (like mileage, office supplies, and utility bills). 
  • Only pay in what you must. 
  • Make sure all the paperwork from employees and contractors is collected before tax season. 
  • Establish a relationship with us, so you always know where you are.  

What do you need to file taxes for your business?


  • Income and Expense Records
  • Asset and Loan Information
  • Inventory Totals and financial business reports from the year
  • The previous year’s tax return
  • Your payroll data
  • Any stock or bond information
  • Your Employer Identification Number or Social Security Number

What do you need to file taxes as an individual?

  • All W2s for places worked
  • Reports of cash assets, payments, or prize winnings. 
  • Asset and loan information
  • The previous year’s tax return
  • Any stock or bond information
  • Your EIN or SSN
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 All of our tax professionals are licensed with the State of Oregon and registered with the IRS to prepare Federal & State returns.  We prepare Business, Fiduciary, Gift, Non-Profit and Individual returns.

Enrolled Agents: Enrolled agents are licensed to practice before the IRS in any audit situation.

Licensed Tax Consultants: Consultants have met education and testing requirements to prepare more complex tax returns.

Licensed Tax Preparers: Tax Preparers are well-versed in current tax law for individuals and small businesses. Each year, the law changes and preparers are required to get recertified.

Tax Services

Audit Representation

Taxes don’t have to be so overwhelming, and you may find yourself losing money or leaving yourself open to audit if you try and do it all yourself. Allow our tax pros to help you. We promise to treat you like family and make the process a breeze.

Corporate Tax


We have been helping businesses with their bookkeeping and numbers-related needs for almost five decades. Your business is our business


Death Tax

Incorrect documentation can impact inheritance payouts, putting an unnecessary strain on the surviving loved ones. Having a tax consultant to ensure paperwork for the deceased is properly followed regarding income, assets, and business can help speed up the process.

Individual Tax

Many times, tax returns are simple: input the information from your w2 and off you go, done. However, life changes can often have an effect on our taxes that could have us paying more than necessary if not careful. It never hurts to get professional eyes on your taxes to ensure you are getting the most out of your return

Non-Profit Tax

Saving the world isn’t free, and if you don’t properly file your taxes and maintain your books, you can easily lose massive amounts of funding for your non-profit. Our expert team is here to help you save the world by making sure your numbers are doing everything they need to.