Bookkeeping Services

Scappoose Business and Tax Services, inc. are here to assist local businesses with their bookkeeping needs

Would your company benefit from new tools, a bigger space, or maybe specialized training so you can expand your services and increase your growth?

If you have sought loans or grants, you know the need to showcase proof in your numbers. Through our bookkeeping services, we assist you with the data required to go after what you want and what your business needs.  

Proper bookkeeping is essential if you want to build and grow your business. Bookkeeping shows you where the money is coming from and what it is going to do. It shows you what marketing efforts are working and which are falling short. 

When you can clearly see where your business is coming, you can increase your efforts and create the constant flow of clients your business depends on for survival. 


Paper with weekly time sheet on a table.

Why you need a SBT bookkeeper

  • If you are still running your business books through pen and paper, a local representative can go through your paper receipts and simplify the process of digitalization. 
  • If all your data is already sitting in the cloud, you need someone who recognizes the regional laws, descriptions, and names for different items for faster organization. 
  • We know what data the local banks are looking for when it comes to business loans. We can ensure your data is organized exactly the way local and national organizations will require your bookkeeping materials to receive the resources your business needs.

We also provide training programs and services for your team.