Our Payroll Services help you build peace of mind, so you can pay yourself and your team.

Has your business paid you yet? Do you need more team members, but you’re not sure where the money will come from to pay them? Our Payroll Services help you build peace of mind, so you can pay yourself and your team. 

Whether you run a team of one or a team of one hundred, we are here to help ensure your payroll is always on time. You are not truly in business until your business starts paying you. When you know where your money is going and where it is coming from, you can make better decisions that help you achieve your larger goals. 


Payroll Processing

Whether you want to manage payroll yourself or outsource it, Scappoose Business and Tax Services, inc are here to build a customized process that works for you and your business’s needs. 


Personalized Service

We work with you one-on-one to ensure your business needs are met. Starting from call one, our team carefully documents each interaction and never miss a question or concern.

Solutions for Every Need

Whether you need an accountant to manage and disburse payroll funds for you or someone to train your in-house team, Scappoose Business and Tax Service, inc. has a custom option for your business.

Management Reporting

Minimize Risk

Taxes don’t have to be so overwhelming, and you may find yourself losing money or leaving yourself open to audit if you do it all yourself. If you have W2 employees, you are responsible for deducting and paying a portion of their taxes.

Control Costs

When you are utilizing the right software for your billing and bookkeeping, you can control the cost of additional hours at tax time. In addition, with proper software, you ensure labor doesn’t go up.

Increase Productivity

Proper software in your business means less time inputting the same data points over and over again. Automated systems are available that can save time and keep all the information in one place.

Tax Depositing and Filing

You may be comfortable with processing the checks for your employees, but tax depositing and filing is its own process with annual and quarterly paperwork to manage and maintain. You can save yourself the time of having to handle all of that yourself by outsourcing the tax filing of your payroll to Scappoose Business and Tax Services, inc.