IRS Audit Representation

When you hire tax audit representation, you simplify and speed up the process of moving your case off the desk of the auditor

What is Tax Audit Representation?


The IRS recognizes three types of individuals when it comes to arguing tax law in an audit: Enrolled Agents (EA), Licensed Certified Public Accountant, and attorneys. 

Enrolled Agents are professional tax practitioners and the only individuals required by federal law to maintain their expertise through continuing education. 

Licensed Certified Public Accountants and Attorneys will have an understanding of tax law, but may not always be up-to-date on the current laws (as tax law changes from year to year). 

When you hire tax audit representation, you simplify and speed up the process of moving your case off the desk of the auditor. 

While most cases simply require you to turn in paperwork, you will occasionally be asked to go in person to speak with the auditor. A representative can help schedule a date that works for your schedule or represent you and save you the time of needing to show up in person. 

While anyone can turn in copies of receipts or paperwork to the IRS for you, only a recognized representative or you can answer questions related to your case with the IRS.

Do NOT avoid the IRS

The IRS will send documents and audit notices to you in the mail. DO NOT ignore these letters. 

If you have questions about the authenticity of an IRS letter, you can have it looked at by a tax audit representative or attorney for authentication and advice regarding the next steps. Most letters will request that you produce paperwork to the IRS proving your taxable income or deductions.

If you no longer have the paperwork being requested, there are other steps that can be taken to showcase proof. Do not ignore a letter from the IRS, Bring the letters immidiately to your tax professional, as it can lead to a more difficult situation and drag out the process for what could have otherwise been a simple process of producing paperwork. 



Common Tax Audit Myths

The American populace has a deep fear when it comes to Tax Audits and what exactly that means for them and their family. Fortunately, most of your biggest fears when it comes to audits are myths. 

While an audit may be tedious, most can be taken care of by simply showing proof in the form of paperwork.

Myth #1


 If you lose, the IRS will take your house, freeze your accounts and send you to jail.

It’s very rare that the IRS is able to take your home, freeze your accounts, or send you to jail. While these are not entirely false outcomes the likelihood is very small.  TV dramas are not representative of what happens in the majority of tax audits. In most cases, tax audits are simply turning in paperwork. Occasionally, you will be required to pay back taxes and fines…However, your representative can help to set up payment plans for these scenarios.

Myth #2

Keep. Your Mouth. Shut!

When it comes to tax audits, the best thing you can do is answer ALL the questions asked of you by the IRS. Questions should be answered directly and factually. Do not give additional information that doesn’t directly answer the questions asked of you. 

When audited by the IRS, this is not the time to “BRAG” about how much money you made last year. If you are being audited, it’s likely they believe you underreported how much you made.

Myth #3 


Hiring representation means you’re guilty.

The IRS prefers working with representatives and lawyers versus individuals. Representatives and lawyers simplify their jobs and produce the documentation and answers they need to move your audit off their desk more quickly. Because lawyers and representatives are trained to organize the documents the IRS requires in the arrangement, it makes the job of the IRS auditor much more simple.


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